Forms.RecurrenceToolkit is discontinued

Just as Xamarin.Forms is changing to a .NET MAUI, banditoth.Forms.RecurrenceToolkit will also undergo a change. As of today, I do not plan to develop any new functionality in the aforementioned package. Some parts of the package will be developed for .NET MAUI compatibility. You will be able to find the new packages in the future with the banditoth.MAUI prefix, which will also be available on GitHub.
I would like to thank you for the more than 2700 downloads.
Bug fixes will continue to be made, so if someone actually uses this for a live application, in that case no worries.

Let’s look at some statistics. The most popular package was MVVM with a total of 623 downloads. This was followed by the Logging package with 459 downloads. The Multilanguage and Converters packages were similarly successful, with around 430 downloads.

I will be back soon with MAUI packages 😉

Xamarin.UWP: Image from embedded resource throws “Operation is not supported on this platform” error

If you are getting the error “Operation is not supported on this platform” when you are trying to set an ImageResource from file for an image on Xamarin.UWP, then the problem comes from this line of code:

IconSource = ImageSource.FromResource("afolder.animage.jpg");

The solution: Image as Embadded Ressource shows “operation is not supported on this platform” in UWP and Release (
In a short brief: You need to use the second parameter for FromResource method call. You must pass an assembly in order to success on UWP platform. iOS and Android is not affected with this error.

IconSource = ImageSource.FromResource("afolder.animage.jpg", typeof(AClassFromTheAssembly).Assembly);

Xamarin.UWP DryIoC error: Code generation not supported on this platform

If you are getting the following error when using DryIoC with Xamarin.Forms on UWP:

System.PlatformNotSupportedException: Dynamic code generation is not
supported on this platform.
at System.Reflection.Emit. TypeBuilder.GetMethod (Type, Methodinfo) + 0x2d
rgsNew(Constructorlnfo, Type, Type[, Type) + 0x5b
oundToFirstClosureParam(Type, Expression, IParameterProvider, Typel, Type.
CompilerFlags) + 0x73
at Dryloc.FactoryDelegateCompiler.CompileToFactoryDelegate(Expression.
Boolean) + 0x14c
at Dryloc.Container.Dryloc.IResolver.Resolve(Type, IfUnresolved) + 0x23c

Then instantiate your container with this code:

Container = new Container(rules =>
    return rules.WithUseInterpretation();

The reason why you need to do this is here: DryIoc/ at master · dadhi/DryIoc · GitHub

Xamarin.Forms: Android app forgets the style when using DynamicResource

If you break the look and feel of the app when you switch apps on mobile, and you use styles as DynamicResources, which you add as MergedDictionaries in App.Xaml,
you should pay attention to this:

When you don’t exit the Android app, but bring it back to the foreground after a very long time, the constructor logic in App.xaml.cs runs again. Don’t forget to add MergedDictionary from code, which contains the styles. If you forget this, all controls will appear in the app with their default look.

I wrote about how to handle restarting the application here:

Xamarin.Forms : Focus to the entry and set the cursor after the last character

If you want to make the cursor in Xamarin.Forms Entry blink behind the text you have already typed, instead of in front of it, after focusing, you need to do the following:

Subscribe to the Focused event of the Entry and modify the eventhandler as follows:

		public void OnEntryFocused(object sender, EventArgs args)
			EntryInstance.CursorPosition = EntryInstance?.Text?.Length ?? 0;

You can find more information about the CursorPosition at: