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I’m András Tóth, usually my friends call me bandi, you can call me bandi if you like. ? I spend most of my days creating custom software for companies and individuals. I have several years of professional experience in software development. I work mostly in the .NET framework, and use its strengths to write server-side and client-side applications in C#. I have found myself most at home developing mobile applications, and these are the ones I prefer to write. I am interested in architectural structures and technological implementations of complex systems. I am also proficient in running the code I have written, knowing the Microsoft Windows server-side operating systems and their peculiarities.

The purpose of this blog – which you are browsing – is to make available to the small/public my professional experiences that I have found interesting during my career.

After leaving the school system, I started my career as a newly qualified business IT specialist in a company with a strong innovation and technology background. Here I was involved in the development of software support productivity, as well as in the operation of IT systems on the shop floor and in the office and the IT systems that support them.

Subsequently, I joined a geospatial solutions company, where my main project was to develop a complex real-time taxi system with a wide range of functionality based on a B2B and B2C business model, operating 0-24 hours a day, for transport companies (taxi companies). My main task is the design and implementation of mobile applications for drivers of the companies and travellers using the cross-platform Xamarin technology for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. I am also involved in the development, operation and support of server-client based desktop applications within other projects.

In 2018, I decided to make my professional knowledge available to individuals and small and medium sized businesses, so I started bitfox.hu, which is dedicated to creating introductory websites and developing customized and personalized software.

I have also worked on the design and implementation of a mobile application linked to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for an ERP system development company, and I am currently working on the development of shopfloor applications for an automotive company.

Technologies and design patterns I am familiar with (not to be exhaustive):

Xamarin, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET MVC, Owin, REST API, SignalR, Azure DevOps, Azure Virtual Machine Services, ASP.NET WebForms, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Entity Framework, Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), Model-View-Controller (MVC), Transact-SQL (T-SQL), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the contact details provided on the bitfox page.
Thank you for visiting! ?

Tóth András
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